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Programme Wing

Regional Broadcasting Centres
Bangladesh Betar broadcasts its programmes through 12 regional stations at Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Rangpur, Sylhet, Thakurgaon, Rangamati, Barisal, Cox's Bazar, Bandarban and Comilla relay station. These regional radio stations produce programmes in order to meet the requirements of the common audience nationally and locally.
Other sections, units and cells
Programme and Planning Section
Programme and Planning cell of Bangladesh Betar is involved in policy making, strategic development and programme planning in view of achieving national goals. It coordinates with the regional centres, units and other wings to improve the quality of programmes

Director (in charge) : Nasrullah Md.Irfan
Telephone no:58613202.
a. Commercial Service :

Commercial Service is the one of the income generating unit of Bangladesh Betar.It mainly broadcasts popular music, entertaining programme, sponsored programme, commercial jingle, spot etcetra.Ganer dali,Jhonkar,Anondo Anondo ,Ekanto Vubon, krirha jogot are the fast track and people demanding programme of this segment of Bangladesh Betar.It broadcasts programme through 100 kilowatt medium wave and 630 kilo hartz that is commonly known as Dhaka ‘Kha’. Commercial service also airing programme through FM 104 MHz which covers Dhaka and its’ adjoining area. Their total broadcasting hour is 10 hour that starts from 9 a,m and closes at 7 p.m which goes simultaneously both in AM 630 KHz and FM 104 MHz.
program schedule
Contact Person

b.Transcription Service : Transcription service is performing the role for preservation of Cultural heritage. It is functioning as the national archive of electronic media. It preserves the significant radio programmes. One of their significant functions is to preserve the speeches of the President, the Prime Minister and other important national figures in the field of politics, art and culture. It also supplies National Anthem and other programmes to the applicant as required. Here programmes are made with a view to achieve five goals: - archiving, broadcasting, distributing and participating in competition. Transcription Service collects, preserves and makes use of programme materials closely adherent to our cultural heritage. Under the newly developed system of "The Digital Archive Project" those materials are being preserved in CD-ROMs instead of tapes.

c. External Services : The External Service of Bangladesh Betar went on air form 1st January, 1972 to project the country’s image to the overseas audience. It broadcast programmes for the listeners in foreign countries having interest in Bangladesh and for the expatriate Bangladeshis particularly living in Europe and the Middle East. It produces programmes in six international languages e.g. Bangla, English, Urdu, Nepali, Arabic and Hindi. This unit acts as an audio ambassador of Bangladesh. In an indirect way this unit contributed in the implementation of our foreign policy with the stress on friendship, peace and mutual respect to foster understanding among the people of various regions.

d. Farm Broadcast Unit: Bangladesh is an agro-based country. The total development of this country still depends on the development of agriculture. The Farm Broadcasting unit of Bangladesh Betar has the objectivity to work for the rural areas related to agriculture. So the target audience of this unit is the rural people engaged in the agriculture sector of our country. This unit disseminates all sorts of information and consults on agricultural activities. The total broadcast hour of such programmes from Bangladesh Betar is 4 hours 30 minutes per day from all stations.

e. Population, Health & Nutrition Cell : The population, Health and Nutrition cell of Bangladesh Betar focuses on issues like resisting child-marriage, building up public opinion for getting married at a reasonable age, motivating people in favour of small family, sanitation and safe water, eradicating all forms of superstitions, ensuring proper maternal and child care to control death rate of children and pregnant women, disseminating basic facts about health and nutrition . Population, Health and Nutrition Cell are broadcasting 5 hours 55 minutes of programmes per day through all the stations.

f. Liaison and Audience Research Section : Liaison and Listeners Research Wing is an important unit of Bangladesh Betar. This unit started in the year of 1997. All of Bangladesh Betar, units, branches and liaison between publicity and audience research, one of the important wings. Liaison is continually communicating with nation and international organization to augment the reputation and brighten the image of Bangladesh Betar.
Liaison bridges Bangladesh Betar with the outside world. This wing regularly contact, exchanges information with Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), European Broadcasting Union(EBU),Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD), Commonwealth Broadcasting association (CBA), Islamic Broadcasting Union (IBU), Bri