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July 18, 2016 at 3:21 pm

Engineering Wing

1. Maintenance section :It is the heart of the Engineering wing. It is divided mainly into two sections, namely, operation and procurement. The operation section collect data regarding present condition of broadcasting equipment, transmitter, measuring equipment, sub-station/electrical equipments, building, budget, civil works etc. and give direction to stations. The procurement section collect indent, requisition from the stations and purchase equipment, spare parts from the national and international market. They also take some steps to repair and replace existing equipment. This unit maintains the central store and supply spare and raw-materials as per requirement of the stations.

2. Planning: The main task of this section is to plan a new radio station, project or a new establishment and prepare project concept paper (PCP) or Project Profile (PP) suiting the interest of common people and the Government. They take necessary actions to submit the PCP or PP to the Government for approval. After approval of the project, they send it to the Technical Service section of Bangladesh Betar to take necessary actions regarding implementation of the project.

3. Project of Bangladesh Betar

3a. Current Project of Bangladesh Betar

(1) Digitization& Modernization of Medium Wave Transmitters of Bangladesh Betar.

i. 2 nos of 100Kw Medium Wave AM Transmitter located at High Power Transmitter-1, Bangladesh Betar,Savar,Dhaka, 1 no of 100Kw Medium Wave AM Transmitter located at High Power Transmitter-4, Bangladesh Betar, Kalurghat, Chittagong and 1 no 2x10Kw Medium Wave AM Transmitter located at Bangladesh Betar, Barisal.

Project Cost : Tk. 256.9 million
Expected date of completion :June,2013.

(2) Establishment of new FM station located in Gopalganj & Mymensingh.

Expected date of completion :June,2015.

(3).Shifting , Construction & Modernization of Bangladesh Betar,Shahbag Complex at Agargaon ,Dhaka (1 st Phase).

i.To set up modern & digital broadcasting equipment in place of old & obsolete analog technology based equipment in order to broadcast high quality national and external radio program .
ii. To provide space and site for Bagabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) as ordered by the Honorable Prime Minister , Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh at the request of Vice Chancellor of BSMMU.
iii. To provide necessary rooms and other relevant infrastructure for different offices in the same compound of Bangladesh Betar by expanding 6 th floor to 9 th floor of the Administrative building of Bangladesh Betar, Sher-e- Bangla Nagar , Dhaka.
iv.To utilize the vertical space of the Administrative building of Bangladesh Betar, Sher-e- Bangla Nagar, Dhaka and ensure a better co-ordination among Program, News , Engineering and Administrative activities.
v. To ensure continuous transmission of Traffic program so that vehicles/ transport and passers by can use safe route for movement in the crowded Dhaka Metropolitan city.
vi. To achieve the goal of sixth five year plan by introducing ICT connectivity, E-governance etc.& MDG by empowering women , enhancing child & adult education from radio program.

Project Cost : Tk. 74,70.92 lakh.

Expected date of completion :June,2015.

3b. Completed Project of Bangladesh Betar

(1) BMRE Project of Different Stations of Bangladesh Betar.

Replacement of 2(two) 100KW MW transmitters located in Nowapara, Jessore and Kahalu, Bogra. (completed)
Setup of 1(one) 10KW FM transmitter in Dhaka. (completed)
Set up of 6(six) FM transmitters of power 5KW each for different regional stations.
Set up of 6 (six) digital STL for the purpose of linking studio to transmitter for different regional stations. (completed)
Provide portable, profession CD recorders for different broadcasting houses. (completed)
Set-up server with LAN accessories and radio automation softwares.(completed)
Set up professional audio work stations with digital mixer. (completed)
Integration of digital audio console, computerized audio editing, storing and processing software. (completed)
Project Cost : Tk. 237.3 million

Project Completed

(2) Introduction of Country Wide FM Broadcast Network in Bangladesh Betar (1st Phase)

To establish countrywide FM Broadcasting Network throughout the whole country for high quality and noise free reception on cheap radio receivers satisfying the listener’s needs. In order to transmit attractive and harmonious program to the remote corner of Bangladesh

In order to motivate and inspire mass people to take part in present day nation building activities, such as Poverty alleviation/ Poverty reduction, Population Control, Farm Broadcast, adult Education, Promotion of Cultural Heritage and other development activities.

With the advancement of modern technology, FM becomes increasingly popular because of high quality, less cost and easy in handing.

Using modern digital studio equipment and proposed FM network. Bangladesh Betar will be able to radiate noise interference free, clear high fidelity, CD quality program, thereby satisfying the audience needs.

Location : Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, Cox’s Bazar, Khulna, Jessore, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Sylhet and Barishal .

Project Cost (in lakh) : GOB TK. 2356.25 including foreign expenditure TK 1724.45

Project Completed

(3) Completion of 1000KW MW Equal Power Transmitter as an Alternative of Old 1000KW MW Transmitter at Dhamrai, Dhaka.

To strengthen the MW radio broadcasting of Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka by replacing the 36 year-worn out valve type 1000KW Medium Wave(MW) transmitter by a new solid-state 1000KW MW transmitter.

Efficiency of the new transmitter will be much better than the existing one. 95% area of the country will be covered by this high quality transmitter.

The new transmitter has the energy saving provisions which will be helpful to avoid huge electricity consumption.

The new modern solid -state transmitter is compatible to future DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) broadcast

A generator of 1500KVA is included to meet power failures.

Project Cost : Tk.441.7 million (Revised)

Project Completed.

(4) Replacement of 1(one) 250KW Short wave (SW) transmitter located in Kabirpur, Dhaka.

Project Cost : Tk.618.075 million (Revised)
Project Completed

4. The Super Power Transmitting Station : The 1000 KW Medium Wave Transmitter of Super Power Transmitting Station at Dhamrai, Dhaka is the heart of the National Broadcasting Organization, Bangladesh Betar (Radio). This transmitter is used to broadcast radio programme covering 95% area of the Country. It broadcasts centrally produced most important and vital radio programme. It plays an important role during catastrophic and natural disaster.

5. 2×250 kW Short Wave Transmitting Station

The 2×250 KW Short Wave Transmitter, the second largest power transmitter in Bangladesh broadcasts external services radio programme covering Middle East, Far East, South & South-East Asia and Europe, specially, for London, Paris and Germany. It broadcasts centrally produced most important and vital radio programme in 6 languages. It plays an important role for Bangladeshis in abroad.

6. High Power Transmitting Stations (HPT-1, HPT-2, HPT-3, HPT-4, HPT-5)

There are five high power transmitting stations in Bangladesh. All are 100kW and located in Savar (Dhaka), Noapara (Jessore), Kahalu (Bogra) and Kalurghat (Chittagong) . All the stations are medium wave transmitting stations except HPT-2, which is a short wave transmitting station and used for Home Service. There is also a 10kW Low Power Transmitter in Dhaka (Kallyanpur) under the administrative control of HPT-1.

7. National Broadcasting House

It is the central broadcasting house of Bangladesh Betar. It was established in 1983 under a Government project funded by GOB and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Assistance). There are a 300-seat modern auditorium , news, music studios, talk studios, drama and other studios. It is linked with main two transmitters i.e. Super Power and HPT-1 by link transmitters, STL etc. It broadcasts live and relay/recorded programme.

8. Regional Stations

(Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Rangpur, Sylhet, Thakurgaon, Comilla, Rangamati, Barisal, Cox’s Bazar and Bandarban)

There are twelve regional stations. Out of those, six (Barisal, Thakurgaon, Cox’s Bazar, Rangamati, Banderban and Comilla) broadcasting house and transmitter are located in the same location. But rest six station’s(Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Rangpur and Sylhet ) broadcasting house and transmitter are located in the different location. There are two medium wave transmitter of transmitting power 100 KW (installed at Bogra) and 10 KW (installed at Rajshahi) under Rajshahi regional station. These stations ensure reception of audio broadcasting to the common people of Bangladesh.

9. Research & Receiving Centre

Research & Receiving Centre studies and sends rebroadcast & reception reports from in and abroad stations/ units, corrects optimum operating frequencies of all the short-wave transmitters during the day, night and seasonal operation, compiles technical data and prepares papers on various radio propagation subjects, correspondence and coordinates with the ITU and its various subsidiary bodies, wireless board etc. and does line bookings for live broadcasting of special events as per requirement. Research & Receiving Centre also provides technical supports of the Website of Bangladesh Betar. Presently, most of the programmes are uploaded in the website of Bangladesh Betar. It provides internet audio broadcasting(IAB )for live and relay/recorded programme of Bangladesh Betar.

10. Monitoring Directorate

Monitoring Directorate monitors 43 news bulletin from 13 international radio stations and transervice them for use by the central news organization of Betar as source of foreign items in their hourly news bulletin. The directorate also publish a daily monitoring report-DMR and over two hundred copies of this report are regularly sent to all important Government offices including Bangabhaban (the Honourable President’s office) and the Honourable Prime Minister/Chief Advisor office manually and/or by e-mail.

11. Transcription Service

Transcription Service provides technical supports in finding new talents, recording for competitive programme, archiving and digitizing important programmes.

12. Central Store

Central Store collects and stores equipments/machineries after shipment and delivers according to demand.

13. Central Maintenance Centre

This newly formed unit basically supports other units by providing technical solution and repairing of faulty equipment.